Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fashion Smashion: The JLo edition

For me, JLo gets it right with about 33.3% of her outfits. The rest of the time she either looks skanky or just plain wrong. Let me illustrate (with some help from who, I might add, named the first of these outfits in their Looks of the Day.)

Exhibit 1: Not good. Looks like a miniature husky is nipping at her sides.

Exhibit 2: I know they're all the rage again, but harem pants are ugly. And, on arguably the World's most famous pear-shaped woman, really unflattering.

Exhibit 3: Not loving the hooker heels so much, but they're very JLo. I think she makes this one work.

What's your verdict?

1 comment:

katrina26 said...

I totally agree, she looks awful!!!!