Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Australia's Next Top...Wild Pig?

So, 13 of Australia's hottest young things beat thousands of aspiring Heidi Klums to win spots on Australia's Next Top Model. They are tall, striking, willowy thin. Teenage girls around the country sigh longingly as they compare their ordinary bodies with a baker's dozen of superhuman ones.

So, what message does it send when one of Australia's leading fashion designers describes these girls in terms like "wild pig" or "blockhead"? What hope do young girls have of developing a healthy body image if these models - touted as the most beautiful we have to offer - are being told they're not beautiful enough?

For what I've seen of Alex Perry, I'm sure it was said with tongue firmly in cheek, but is that really an excuse? Shouldn't he be encouraging these girls (whose average age is around 18) with positive feedback? Can't he see how fragile self esteem is in young women?

Perhaps he can...but kindness just wouldn't make great tv, would it?


Barb Fisher said...

I have to admit I love Alex Perry, both for his to-die-for couture and his hard edged wit. I am very much looking forward to the new series of ANTM starting tonight, and will be interested to see the context in which he uses these remarks. Last season, Alex and Charlotte Dawson were the only two who really made a stand when one of the contestants was being bullied (by the eventual winner as it turned out). They told the girls involved to pull their heads in in no uncertain terms. So I guess that means I'm reserving judgement. There's a big fat spot on my lounge with a reserved sign on it!

bugmum said...

As I don't have pay TV (dammit) I didn't watch the episode...what was the verdict, Barb?