Monday, April 20, 2009

A weekend in pictures

Top row
  1. Silo bread - THE best bread in Canberra, if not the World.
  2. Hubby's scrambled eggs with chives - he is a breakfast magician
  3. Leaves turning red - I adore Autumn!
Middle row
  1. One of the 16 or so (count em!) wild peacocks which roam our neighbourhood
  2. Sophia sits alone for the first time - clever, clever girl!
  3. MORE Easter Eggs for Olivia (this time from Auntie Clare)
Bottom Row
  1. Miss Olivia and her fairy puzzle
  2. Ahhhhh...chardy
  3. Yummy yummy steak for dinner last night...probably last BBQ for some time


Lilly said...

Are you in Canberra wow - I only know one other blogger form Canberra. Your pictures are great. Autumn....the cold wether is on its way.

bugmum said...

I am indeed - I follow a few Canberra blogs (including yours', of course)- check out my blog list!

Market Girl said...

Hey Lilly, there is a whole community of us from Canberra. Welcome. Check out or Canberra got style oh I could go on forever!

Fiona Dixon said...

Congrats on Miss Sophia sitting by herself for the first time!!

Moi said...

Isn't she a clever girl! She looks as if she's done it all before!

For a sec I thought her hair had gone black in just a few weeks but realised on closer inspection that it's a toy shadow!

Karla said...

I love your blog Mandy! You are one clever cookie. Maybe you should get yourself an agent or the like? K x