Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can someone please stage an invervention?

What will it take for Lindsay Lohan's mother to admit that her daughter has a problem? I'm not going to accuse her of being a devotee of the cocaine meal-replacement program but, whatever the cause, she has some serious weight management issues.

Seriously, the poor girl has wasted away to nothing - can someone please give her some help (or at least a hamburger?!)


Rowe said...

She's about as thin as the Australian girl who won a Miss something competition recently, it was on today's news and I did not catch all the details. She was pretty enough to win the comp, gorgeous actually, but seeing her ribs and shoulder blades sticking out, I don't think I've ever seen a contestant this thin win such a comp. I thought it strange she won in her undernourished condition. Oh that's right, Alice Bideau (?) who won ANTM in 2007. She was thin, though I do not remember seeing any bones on her sticking out as much.

On the other hand, today, when out shopping I saw a little girl, 2-3 yo, whom I thought was a bit too well fed. I like seeing well nourished kids, especially when they are little, but I have to say, well it just made me go hmmm. Her mother (i think it was her mum) was very slender.

Anonymous said...

Someone get that girl a bra!

Barb Fisher said...

Did you see her on Ellen last week? She was all over the place. And she genuinely had no understanding that her own behaviour was just feeding the media circus that surrounds her. Ellen was trying to give her some sound advice and you could just see it bouncing off Lindsay's head and around the room.