Monday, April 13, 2009

...and four completes us

A short post today (it's a long weekend, after all!) about my beautiful family...that's them above.

We thought hard about having a second was a difficult and long journey to have Olivia and then we were pretty badly hammered with illness in her first year, including hospitalisation for pneumonia. I think we wondered if we had the strength for it (then we had Sophia 10 weeks' premature and we realised what true emotional fortitude was).

Even though we haven't had an easy run, we never regret for a minute having our second gorgeous girl. Before Sophia came along I just didn't think it was possible to love another little person as much as you do your first...but you can, and I do.

Yes, it's more logistically difficult and you never (ever) have a moment to yourself...but seeing Sophia's eyes light up when she spies her sister; watching Liv caress her "Fia's" cheek and kissing her good morning; knowing that they will have each other as best friends for the rest of their lives - that's what makes it all worthwhile.

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Moi said...

Do you know that when I was pregnant with No 2 child I was thoroughly convinced that I could never love anyone else as much as I love No 1 child. It worried me immensely until No 2 emerged and lo and behold! Exactly the same as the first! If I had have only known that the feeling is natural but in those days there was no communication between parents like there is now. You are all so lucky!