Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Canberra's Got Style

I sometimes contribute to a blog called Canberra's Got Style, which showcases some of the wonderful creative types we have in this place we like to call home (and the rest of the nation likes to sledge as boring and grey).

Lisa, who "owns" the blog, is featured in this month's Home Beautiful - you have to check out her amazing home. I guarantee it will inspire. And, while you're there, have a peek at some of the other fabulous things going on in the Capital.


Barb Fisher said...

I was so excited to arrive home from hols tonight and find my copy of HB in the letterbox! Finally!

I've always wondered about shelter mags and how much they 'style' someone's home before they shoot the pics. In this case, it's all Lisa - they really didn't change a thing. She's such a clever little cookie. Hooray!

bugmum said...

I'm truly staggered how much of it is "budget"...you wouldn't know to look at it...