Monday, April 20, 2009

When toddlers become stylists

Apparently, when I was a wee thing I used to change clothes an average of five times per day...well, karma is clearly a bitch because Olivia has now decided to do exactly the same thing.

As a stylist she's no Rachel Zoe and has absolutely no clue about dressing for the weather...but, hey, she's not even three. At least she's colour coordinating...kinda. Here are today's outfits:

8am: Mum dresses Liv sensibly for a coolish day in Canberra

12:30pm: Liv decides pink boardshorts are far more appropriate than leggings. Red patent shoes clearly also complement the outfit far better.

2:30pm: Post-cupcake baking, "berry messy" Olivia decides to combine about 100 prints.

4:00pm: Off for a supermarket run, Liv chooses this cute sequined number. Mum insists on turtleneck and leggings underneath, much to Liv's disgust.

6:30pm Liv capitalises on Mum being busy bathing Fia to showcase yet another outfit...Country Road top with gold ballet slippers. Mum now too tired to care that she has nothing on her bottom half.

Apologies to Mother Earth...I'm sure you understand why my washing machine is always on.


numberchick said...

brilliant - just absolutely brilliant!! My son about the same age is particular about what he wears - he insisted on wearing hideous striped jeans and gum boots to carols by candlelight last year.

incidently, I love her sense of style!!

Barb Fisher said...

I love the poses! Australia's Next Top Model...

bugmum said...

A quick note to let you know a fifth outfit was added after the original post...that's right, little ratbag decided to go on a closet raid when she knew I had my hands too full to stop her...

Rowe said...

Girls just wanna have fun. I love the big cheesy grin.