Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Amanda can't live without...

This week, we find out what Amanda can't live without. No, not me, but my darling friend with the same name. We met about four years ago when, in one of the best moves of my career, I recruited her to work with me. She is not only ridiculously smart and talented, but is gorgeous to boot, with a heart the size of Ayers Rock.

I love her to bits, and you will too - here's what she can't live without.

  1. Nalle—We adopted our beautiful Husky from Mikulov Siberians just over a year ago. When she arrived at Mikulov she had pneumonia, had severe fly bites on her ears and tails, and her coat was matted from months of neglect. She is now in full health and enjoys bossing us around immensely.
  2. Music—I love music of all varieties. I don’t discriminate at all, in fact just last week, I found myself uttering the words “I don’t quite know how to say this, but I think I need Miley Cyrus...”
  3. Faith—I regularly reflect on the fact that I always seem to land in the right spot at the right time. So when I say ‘Faith’ I’m not necessarily saying religion. I just have faith that, in life, things will always work out for the best.
  4. My family—where to start? My parents gave up so much to make sure that I got the best education, and start in life. And my sister is my hero. None of them like having their photos taken, so excuse my imagery...
  5. Exercise—I went through a really crazy gym junkie period, during which a girlfriend and I would do ‘three hours of power’ including running, weights and yoga. Nowadays I’m happy to get a jog in every now and again and play netball twice a week.
  6. Being a housewife—OK so I’m not one yet, but I love cleaning, cooking, gardening and sewing (someone else can keep the ironing). I was born in the wrong decade. I’d have made a brilliant Stepford Wife.
  7. My partner—He is my rock.
  8. Travel—I have the itchiest feet. I want to go everywhere. I am happiest when I have my backpack on and I’m checking in for a long distance flight.
  9. My sisters—my urban family, the women around me who inspire me on a daily basis. You know who you are the ones who tell me when to pull my head in, what not to wear and who regularly lead me astray—go on—twist my rubber arm.
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Newcelebrityblog said...
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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the Miley Cyrus thing...I am APPALLED and I mean appalled that the other day her song came on the radio and my daughter asked me to turn it off and I said, no, no , I really like Miley!


And I also believe in a faith that what is meant to happen will happen. It gives me tingle in my tummy when I see it happening - wonderful things falling in my lap that you know were put there for a reason. I feel very blessed, as well.

Lovely list A !