Monday, August 3, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Ladies in Red

If US fashion is anything to go by, the colour red is going to be HUGE here come warmer weather. Bold blocks of brilliant shades of scarlet are showing up on celebs everywhere - from the shopping strip to the red carpet.

Here are six of the best and worst Ladies in Red. Who gets your yay and who your nay?

Above left: Ali Larter and her ribcage
Above right: Penelope Cruz and her carry-on luggage
(they lost her bags and this is all she had to wear to a premiere...pretty good effort, no?)

Above left: Amy Adams in a very tight dress and some cool, if somewhat clunky, black shoes.
Above right: Ciara in...well, a lot of red satin...and a lot of boobs.

Above left: Taylor Momsen in red ruffles. Still freaks me out that she's just turned 16.
Above right: Cate Blanchett. Love her. She could wear a kit kat wrapper and I'd still love her.

Images: Instyle and e-online


carly_grace said...

i dont like a lot of them. i love the dress on ali but hate her ribcage. get that girl a big mac. you have to have some boob to make those dresses look decent.

and i im the same with you on cate i think she could wear anything and still pull it off.


shon said...

I just love red, however as I get older and my red colouring shines through even more its maybe not the colour for moi...agree as well on cate just gorgeous

Kristin said...

J'adore red. Cate looks incredible!

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Since when is a sternum a fashion accessory? There are whole seasons of Will & Grace where I just cringe from the screen every time I can count the ribs in Deborah Messing's cleavage.

Cate = Goddess.

Zitmeds said...

the photos are great!
you are looking magnificently great on that red dress.