Monday, August 10, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Prints

Well, from the look of Hollywood's latest offerings, we're in for a colourful summer! Prints - whether they be florals, checks or retro prints - are being seen on many a celeb (with some wearing them more successfully than others!)

Above left: Fergie dresses up a vibrant playsuit with loads of bling and a serious tote.
Above right: Beyonce shows off killer pins in a tartan short set and sky-high heels.

Above left: Rhianna takes florals from feminine to fierce with the addition of lace-up ankle boots.
Above right: Sienna Miller is the picture of girlish innocence in this conservative print...we know better though, don't we?

My pick? Beyonce by a landslide. Tartan is soooooooooooo not my usual cup of tea but she looks absolutely AMAZING. I want those legs, if nothing else...


Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

OH YEAH! As they would say on ANTM, Beyonce is totally selling that tartan shorts-suit. I want one for this summer.

As an aside: a week or so ago a channel 10 newsreader (Mal) revealed his age when he pronounced Beyonce's name exactly how it looks (i.e. sort of rhyming with Provence) rather than Beyon-say. Hilarious!

Jessi said...

could beyonce look any hotter????

Amy Sheaves said...

Totally with you Amanda.

I have to say the Laura Ashley 90's re-incarnates are not working for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think we agree that Sienna is hardly innocent! :)

But I like the girl.

Jaime said...

I'm going E none of the above. I hope that awful floral doesn't make an appearance in our shops this summer. VOMIT!

Zitmeds said...

She looks so lumpy, and that cut was so unflattering! Oh dear. And I love her so.