Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Katrina can't live without...

This week, we find out what Katrina can't live without. She is one special mama. We spent six weeks together in hospital, both on bed rest with our second beautiful babies. We were each others' company, shoulder to cry on, and person to laugh with. I would have gone insane without her. These are the nine key things that keep her going...
  1. My Boys - From the moment I met each one of the three men in my life I was blown away and instantly in love. They bring me laughter, hugs, tears and best of all unconditional love!
  2. A rainy day - nothing better then curling up on the couch with a cuppa and watching the rain.
  3. Dessert - sticky date pudding , chocolate tart , pastries mmmmm I could go on
  4. Singing in the car - Yep it's just what I do, it makes me feel happy and I now have Charlie singing along with me! (Pink is a favourite)
  5. White wine - A few favourites: Mt Trio Semillon Sauvignon and Voyager Estate Chenin Blanc, great wines from the Margaret River - reminds me of the great holiday my mum, sister Lea and Charlie and I took.
  6. Books - Love stories, crime, autobiographies and trash ( Jackie Collins)...I love how you can be transported into another world and lose yourself in the story!
  7. Mum and Dad - Always loving and supportive, fun and created many happy childhood and adult memories. Their divorce broke my heart.
  8. Greys Anatomy - Can't miss , must watch , McDreamy, McSteamy ahhhhhhh...
  9. Girlfriends - What would I do without them? I am so lucky to have beautiful caring friends and not a day goes by that I don't have contact with one of them.


Anonymous said...

Lovely list and you know, I'm a huge fan of Voyager estate wines - I used to live in Busselton (only for 10 weeks!) and I went there (any excuse I could find) quite often.

I miss Margaret River too!

Medianewstime said...

I love your blog!