Sunday, August 2, 2009

Masterchef Challenge 1: too close to call

A great response to the very first Masterchef challenge...for the record, I cooked Chicken Involtini with Garlic, Sage and Prosciutto on celeriac puree. Thought I had green beans but didn't, so it's just a sad looking colourless main.

I had a dilemma, though...we all seemed to be on a similar page (check out the yummy creations below) so I found it really, really hard to pick a winner! So, in the end, Olivia picked a name from a hat...and the person who gets to choose the 10 ingredients for the next Mystery Box challenge is Ally from ACTinglikeamama!

Ally, send me an email at and we'll get started on the next challenge!

The Creations

whipped up Chicken Breast wrapped in Prosciutto severed with Garlic Potatoes and steamed Green Beans.

Ingrid said she'd "go down the comfort food route and make potato and celeriac bake with sage, garlic, cream, butter and chicken stock. She would blanch the green beans and serve them on the side with crispy prosciutto crumbled over.

Ally from ACTing Like a Mama proposed what I'm calling Chicken Parcels with pesto, brie, sage and prosciutto, served with crispy garlic potatoes and fresh steamed beans.

And last, but not least, Amy from The Tea Party served up Chicken Saltimbocca, served with a garlic potato & celeriac mash and steamed green beans.


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