Monday, August 10, 2009

Masterchef Week 3 - a winner and a new challenge!

A bit of a quiet week on the Masterchef challenge front but that didn't stop some scrummy meals being produced.

Ingredient chooser, Ally from ACTinglikeamama, produced a two meal extravaganza of Huevos Rancheros with Lemon Pud for dessert. Visit her blog for all the details...and the recipes!

Amy from The Tea Party has just started a new blog called The Food Files which is dedicated to all things edible...nom nom nom and she whipped up a fab Chorizo and Feta Omelette.

Me? I took to and found a wonderful Garlic and Chorizo Prawns recipe...simple but packed with flavour. I'd serve them with an easy peasy dessert of Meringues with fresh strawberries.

So, the winner this week (technically, by default but no less deserved) is Amy! So, for Week 3 of the Masterchef Home Mystery Box Challenge, she has picked 10 ingredients that are easily accessible and budget friendly.

1. lamb mince
2. fresh thyme (dried is OK)
3. ground chilli
4. ground cumin
5. potatoes
6. carrots
7. lemon
8. red onion
9. mint
10. natural (or Greek) yoghurt

Personally, my mouth is watering already. Need a reminder of the rules? See here and comment back by Saturday morning!


Medianewstime said...

Great idea, and I was so inspired I've already cooked it.

Amy Sheaves said...