Monday, August 17, 2009

Fashion Smashion: giving the cold shoulder

Oh, how I adore the one-shoulder look. Back in the day, before my upper arms began to resemble ricotta, it was one of my favourite looks.

These days I look for sleeves that reach to at least my elbow. But it doesn't hurt to dream...

Tell me, which is your favourite cold-shouldered frock? For me? It's a toss up between Demi and Pene...but then I do love Diane...

Above left: Demi Moore; Above right: Katherine Heigl

Above left: Penelope Cruz; Above right: Amy Adams

Above left: Diane Kruger; Above right: Rhianna
Source: Instyle


Anonymous said...

I no a big fan o' Rhianna. I wish I liked her, but I can't. She's manufactured and all for attention and even though she's obviously a really attractive girl, I just find her aloof and cold. I never like anything she wears, even though she has a rockin' body.

I'm getting old. sigh.

I also look for tops that go past my elbows, but I dream of one day hitting the gym and having Demi Moore's arms.

Danielle said...

I love demi and katherine but not the rest. that green is stunning.