Sunday, May 17, 2009

Love from the blogger community

Loads of thanks to the girls from BonBon Rose and Leila from That Random Leila for passing on some lurv via the One Lovely Blog Award. Glad that you enjoy this little piece of me!

I'm going to pass it on to some of my fave blogs (in addition to my award-givers'!) I've capped my list at six but I find new, fab blogs every day so expect future editions!

Florida Girl in Sydney - witty writings about a new life in Oz
Jo Blogs - general hilarity but particularly funny for those watching Australian tv
Potty Mouth Mama -
the misadventures of a modern day mama
Wisdom of the Open Mind - Musings of a gen Y writer, mum, photographer, and all-rounder.
Bellsknits - if you're into knitting, you'll love this blog. I'm crap at it, but visit to admire those who can!
Canberra's Got Style - fabulousness from our nation's capital.

Leila was also sweet enough to feature me in one of her 'Getting to know you' spots...check it out here if you're interested!


Leila said...

Wow I was just about to tell you that there was something for you over at my blog, but you are just to quick!!

Have a great weekend!!

Bells said...

he he thank you so much. I do love a bit of blog love. Ta muchly! I know knitting blogs aren't everyone's thing - that's why I try and mix it up a bit with other stuff sometimes. Find yours and other blogs on MM has opened my eyes up to what people outside the knitting community blog about. I was a bit insular before!

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Thanks so much! Cheers mate!

sonali said...
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julia said...

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