Monday, May 25, 2009

Close encounters of the KRudd kind

We don't have a lot of celebrities in Canberra apart from the odd MP or political reporter, so it's bit exciting whenever you see anyone well known. I often see Glen Milne at our local shops and had a small fangirl moment when I ran into 7:30 Report's Michael Brissenden in the fruit and vege section in the supermarket. Yes, I'm aware you'll probably have to google one or both of those names to have any clue who I'm talking about.

So, on an outing to Manuka (local cafe strip), it was with some surprise that I looked up from the golden retriever sniffing Olivia's hand to find a certain Kevin Rudd on the end of the leash! Apparently Therese had been pointing and smiling at Sophia, who was looking incredibly cute strapped onto Drew's chest in the Baby Bjorn...and I was too busy trying to stop Liv falling off the wall she was using as a balance beam to notice our brush with fame until we were literally nose to nose.

I wish I'd have said something more witty than "Oops."


Bells said...

Giggle. How very Canberra. In Manuka and everything.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Those are the moments it's nearly impossible to say anything intelligent! Congrats on your brush with celebrity.

jenny said...

I bet you have thought of many sparklingly witty things to say since.

Anonymous said...

Those 2 words "IN HINDSIGHT" must surely be uppermost in your mind.