Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Smashion: All Sorts of Wrongness

I can understand why people find a style that suits them and stick to it, by wearing a host of similar clothes. What I don't get is why Mariah think that principle applies to her.

Perhaps Michelle Monaghan figures if she can't win an Oscar, she may as well dress like one.

And, well, we all know Paula Abdul is barking mad. And that's the only excuse for this dress.


Mrs.P said...

What is up with Mariah Carey and her clothes at the moment? I keep seeing her in all these shapeless dresses that are so blah! If she were stick thin maybe it wouldn't matter but she has a normal body size and the dresses just look ugh! Maybe if she tried a belt or something to give herself a waist!

Barb Fisher said...

Mariah Carey always looks like mutton, nothing new here!