Monday, May 4, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Logies' Best

I was going to blog my five best and five worst Logies frocks but just couldn't decide which one to here are my top six in no particular order (I could have featured another three or four quite easily!)

Monochrome and classic lines definitely ruled the better-dressed set...and I still can't believe that Suzy Wilkes is on my list (she of the perpetual cleavage and poofy hair pulled out a gorgeous asymmetrical navy stunner.)

UPDATE: I am so annoyed that I went against my first instinct and replaced Kat Stewart with Natarsha Belling (below with also well-dressed Sandra Sully) that I'm increasing my list to seven!

What was your favourite?

Left: Shelly Craft Right: Sarah Murdoch

Left: Suzy Wilkes Right: Kat Stewart

Left: Jodi Gordon Right: Jessica Mauboy

Left: Sandra Sully Right: Natarsha Belling


Little Miss Stella said...

I pretty much agree with your best of and worst although I really don't see why people liked Kat Stewart's BORING high school formal dress getup. I think Jessica Mauboy's looked better and her performance outfit was a shocker. Other notable best mentions also need to go to Asher Keddie and Natarsha Belling

bugmum said...

I was a bit torn about Kat's...but in the end I love the texture and detailing. Ironically, it actually replaced Natarsha Belling's frock in the top 6!

Barb Fisher said...

Natarsha Belling looked stunning. Shelly Craft is gorgeous in this pic, however I just can't go past Sarah Murdoch. The epitome of elegance and style. I'm thinking Lachlan should have gone with classic black and white however.

Kristin said...

Ooooooooooo, I think that white one shouldered number is GORGEOUS!