Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Carly-Grace Can't Live Without

This week, I unveil what Carly-Grace from Everyone Wants This and Children's Resources Galore can't live without.

I love Carly's blogs...she brings such a lightness and positivity of spirit to everything she writes (and I love the ideas for keeping the littlies occupied!)

I'm just impressed she has a list of things to do by the time she's 23...I think the only list I had at that age was of how many drinks I could afford on my meagre student budget...
  1. photos - I love looking back on the memories - all have me in them though one has my grandfather and another has my cousins
  2. peanut m&ms - I love these. I had a packet last night and I could totally go another right now!
  3. paris - I have always wanted to go and I have this poster above my bed.
  4. my pandora bracelet - mum gave this to me for my 21st birthday present. the charms are: present; money bag; two fixed beads; two spacers; my birthstone (ruby); an angel; snowman; love heart with pink stone; and two dangly beads.
  5. my sunglasses - I love these $20 sunnies. love them!
  6. grey's anatomy - I love grey's. its my favourite tv show and i own all seasons but 3 (need to buy it hehe) and I've even seen all season 5 (the one airing now) as my boyfriend downloaded it.
  7. my laptop and phone - I'm not sure how I would live without these, though it is on my to do list before I turn 23 to go an entire week without both.
  8. books - I love my book collection. they are just a few of my favourites.
  9. post-it note 'Love you Baby x' - found it on my computer that my boyfriend had typed in totally sweet...


carly_grace said...

oh my. thank you so much amanda for your kind words. for you xx

oh looks great too!

shraddha said...

great list! i totally agree!

Lucy said...

Oh i love it. Im also a fan of Carly, you are a sweet girl. x

Rowe said...

I was heartbroken when my ten dollar sunnies that got all the compliments, finally broke. Funny thing is, I bought them to wear to a fancy dress party, fancy that. Compliments for ten dollar sunnies means great bargain and good, cheap taste. I too love M&M peanuts, they are lethal.

Anonymous said...

Peanut M&Ms are the bomb, Carly-Grace, but have you tried the US version with peanut butter mushy stuff in them? Be still my beating heart!

Jesmi said...

That looks great! I love it..

Chantelle said...

That was fun. Thank you. xx