Monday, June 22, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Week in Review

So here's my round up of frock successes and shockers from the past week...those I love, loathe and, well, am just a tad ambivalent about. Check them out...

Love (LOVE! LOVE!)
Camilla Belle is absolutely gorgeous in green...what a goddess! Love everything about this.

Christina Ricca also scrubs up pretty well (a decent bra would have been the only improvement!)

Is it just me, or has Scarlett turned a wee bit matronly since becoming Mrs Ryan Reynolds? That legendary smoulder is hidden under a poufy brunette up-do.

And I'm just not sure about Lake Bell's futuristic the colour and the shoes but just not completely convinced.

How old does Hayden Pannettiere think she is? Only 19 and she's dressing like a woman ten years' older...not to mention a woman with a penchant for acid washed denim. Eek!

And, one of our usual suspects, Drew Barrymore. I know that she's a bit kooky, and can pull off looks that many can't, but not this one! Wrongness...

Sources: Instyle and US Magazine


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear amanda. At first glance, I thought Hayden P was Stella McCartney! I agree about ScarJo. I think she's lookin' a bit skinnier too.

Bethwyn said...

The orange dress looks like someone got the packing tape out to decorate it!

I heard Scarlet lost weight for a film role, but don't remember for sure.

Barb Fisher said...

Camilla looks stunning, agreed.

Now, I like my Drew kooky....but this is just plain wrong.

Alycia said...

What the hell did Lake think she was doing when she put that dress on?? She must've been on something. Surely. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong!

Emily said...

Green and blue both are excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iris said...

Oh wow, that green dress is tha shiz. And Christina looks great (for whatever reason I do like a pendulous bosom), although I do question the white shoes. A bit Minnie Mouse, maybe.

And wrongness indeed from Hayden and Drew! A plaid sarong with seatbelt straps? Nooo.