Monday, June 29, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Week in Review

It's that time again! Time to give your commentary on the frocks that my Fashion Smashion radar has detected this week. Quite a lot of 'meh', really...not a lot of fabulous. Even my 'love' frocks are more 'like'...but I do truly detest the couple in the 'loathe' category. See what you think...

Christina Ricci (above left) makes my 'love' list for the second week running. Girlfriend is on a roll...she's come a long way from the little Addams Family chick with the oversized forehead.

Anne Hathaway (above right) could make a paper bag look elegant...she's got that old Hollywood class going on. Love her. The dress isn't usually something that would ring my bell, but I think she makes it sing.

All of these dresses are eye-catching; the women in them are unquestionably stunning; but there's something about each of them that just doesn't quite get there for me. Whether it's the sheer white panel of Isla's (top left) ; Lucy's frou frou bust (top right); Emma's punk deconstruction (bottom left); or Beyonce's peacock mini (bottom right), they're just short of kicking butt.

The Bones clothing budget must have had a severe shaving because poor Emily Deschanel (above left) has had to raid her Aunty Ethel's wardrobe. I think my nana had one just like this, in polyester.

And Vanessa Williams (above right)...Holy. Crap. Please tell me you were going to an 80s fancy dress party.


Moi said...

Totally agree with all your comments..... who advises some of these women?

No 1 child of yours has more clothes taste!

Anonymous said...

I love that Christina Ricci dress - unfortunately for me the rest are all meh-verging-on-hideous.

Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

I always find Vanessa Williams a little 'wrong'... not sure what it is about her!

I can see what you find wrong about the top half of Miss Fisher's dress, but red hair & emerald green gets me every time! I think she looks pretty & cute - maybe it's that turned in toe as well! It's a great length on her.

Iris said...

I like your loves - Christina's hair colour and fringe really suit her, and Anne's dress? Liquid gold, Jerry!

My favourite is Beyonce's, I would wear it every day if I possessed it (with some very opaque stockings)!

Kristin said...

Christina Ricci looks incredible! I need her trainer!

M said...

Lots of meh for me. What was Emma thinking? Totally wrong colours for her.

Can't even speak about Vanessa. Cripes.

Medicineworld said...

I love that Christina Ricci dress.. I love your blog!

Mazz said...

Gosh I love that Beyonce mini! The colours, the style and her awesome legs. Grrrr very jealous.