Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl Parts

I remember reading puberty bible "What's Happening To Me?" until the pages were dog-eared and being so impatient to become 'a woman'. I recall being 12 and reaching that milestone and wondering why the hell I'd been in such a hurry. It was all a bit icky, painful and generally not very nice...I could think of far better ways to spend a week out of every month...and I dare say most post-pubescent women share that emotion.

So what would happen if a teenage guy woke up one day to find he had a vagina and was getting his period? A new viral marketing campaign from Tampax explores that very scenario.

The central character, Zack Johnson, is a 16 year old boy who wakes up one morning with 'girl parts'. His website takes the reader through his 'journey' - including telling the school nurse his body is changing; working out how to pee with the seat down; and his first brush with PMS.

The tie-in with Tampax comes in the video episode where, after failing to construct a decent 'man pad' from toilet paper, he finds contentment in the shape of a tampon. Of course, he also gains empathy and understanding for women everywhere.

Look, I'm a bit unconvinced as to the effectiveness of viral advertising...but, hey, this campaign is more interesting than watching women leap through waves in white swimsuits.

But, to put advertising strategy aside, let's imagine just for a moment that men DID get their period. How would the men in your life react? Would PMS be elevated to a serious mental illness? Would the 'luxury' tax on feminine hygiene products be axed? Do your worst...


carly_grace said...

i watched the video and loved the ending 'awe he loves her' its totally what i say except my boyfriend nods and grunts yeah. lols

i think i remember reading somewhere that men go through pms but they just dont have a period though have those days/weeks where they are cranky and such.

Market Girl said...

I am thinking it would result in an extra couple of days leave every month... couldn't possibly get out of bed feeling like this.

Anonymous said...

I hate to even envision this scenario. Men and Pain???? Ye Gods! A big toe ache and they're practically off work for a week. Would be very interesting though!

Networlddirectory said...

That's a good one lol