Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What 'Tuesday' can't live without...

I think there's a little of the voyeur in all of us. That's why Tuesday Malone's Inside The Affair is so fascinating. In her own words, Tuesday (not her real name) is "a 30 something married woman who has, incongruously & no doubt inappropriately, collected a lover." Her blog charts the choppy waters of infidelity and is raw, honest and addictive. Go on, peek "Inside The Affair"...

  1. Sports Car - An indulgence I know, especially as my husband gets to drive it more than I do owing to the fact that it is illegal to put a baby chair in the front seat of a tiny, fast sports car. But let the record show it's MY tiny, fast sports car!
  2. ABC Kids - Please don't call social services (my mother-in-law has beat you to the punch), but I have found the Wiggles, the Little Princess and all the fine folk over at Play School (especially cute Matt) all make excellent babysitters. And they don't charge a cent.
  3. Persian Fetta - Leaves ordinary fetta standing in the stalls scratching its cheesy head. I put it in salads, risotto, pasta and am seriously considering spooning it onto my Weet Bix tomorrow morning.
  4. New Fangled Stuff - Despite a penchant for those Jane Austen-esque high waisted dresses and a bit of dilly-dallying with the Darcys of the world, I was SOOOO born in the right era. Can't imagine life without a computer and a mobile phone. Tragic and trivial - just like an Austen novel.
  5. Books - I actually break out in a rash and start foaming at the mouth if I find myself on a long haul flight or train journey and realise I have FORGOTTEN MY BOOK. I was the girl curled up in bed with a book while all the other girls were sneaking out to kiss boys at school camp. Yeah, really . . .
  6. Girl Friday - The toddler daughter who lights my candle, nay, the whole candelabra! Bright, funny & cute as bug's ears, despite frequent use of soggy weet-bix as hair gel & a worrying devotion to a man in a red skivvie who sings about mashed banana.
  7. Woolworths - If there was a prize for the person who visits Woolworths most frequently (no trivial, put-off-able purchase too small or too trivial) I would win. I love Woolies. I love the lovely ladies who work the checkouts midweek. I love the lovely fruit and veg and meat (they really ARE the fresh food people) and I'm sure they love me cos I spend so much money there.
  8. Yoga - The older I get, the stiffer the joints. Yoga is my sanity source. And it keeps me away from Woolies.
  9. Rose - You are described as 'a winsome and engaging tawny pink wine'. Who wouldn't want to spend their Friday nights with you?
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Jessi said...

what fun!!! i think i will join in right now!

Iris said...

Good lord, I love Persian Feta. I can see how it would work on Weet-bix...or with rose. Come on Friday night!

Kristin said...

Lovely list. And I hope that lovely lady of yours is feeling great!!

kim at allconsuming said...

I am with you on that Persian Fetta - so so good.

Otherwise it's me and rhubarb. Rhubarb all the way.

Anonymous said...

I loved this, very entertaining and interesting and honest!

I'm a big fan of Woolies too and am in the there every. day. :)

Going to pop over now..