Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Ceiridwen can't live without...

This week's Can't Live Without introduces Ceiridwen of "I'm Off Again in My World". I met this lovely young student through my fave blog MamaMia and her intelligence and thoughtfulness never cease to amaze me.

I hope that my girls grow up to be as interested in the world around them and confident enough to argue issues with a large community of women bloggers like Cerry does. She gives me faith in future generations...(I sound like an old fogey now, don't I?)

Anyhooooo...check out her essentials!
  1. My computer (which, by the way is NOT this shade of purple, despite the fact it's the colour Dell uses in all its promotions) I spend way too much time on it, and depend on it for all kindsa stuff I shouldn't, and I'd be totally lost without it. Also, it's purple (Sorta. It's really actually more maroon than purple. DAMN YOU DELL!)
  2. I'm cheating and grouping my pyjamas and sleeping together. I would live in my jammies if I could. And sleep is my favourite activity ever. At 19, I need to sleep for about 10 hours a night - yes, that's right, there are kindergarten kids who sleep less than me. Including naps (oh, and I take those too, sometimes).
  3. Music. I love to sing, I love to listen to music, and I love to dance while there's no one around to see how unco I am.
  4. This is my phone case. Inside it is my phone. The case is much prettier than the phone, hence it being photographed, but the phone is the thing I have an addiction to. It brings me important updates from people I don't see very often, like "The guys installing our air con are SO cute", organises my social life, and brings the amusement that is dad pretending he knows how to text.
  5. Chocolate is one of about 3 things I get cravings for (the other 2 being salt, usuall in corn chip form, and pizza), and it comes in oh-so-many wonderous forms. I also enjoy the most excellent sugar rush.
  6. My mum, who would kick my ass if I put photos of her up on the internet without her knowing, has therefore been replaced by a google image. I'm totally a mummy's girl - I still get grumpy with her when she leaves me alone with the stinky-head boys any longer than overnight, which the whole family thinks is immensely cute.
  7. Hugs (I quite like cute animals, too). Hugs make everything in the world happy again. Also, they're good for stealing people's body heat.
  8. My friends. In particular my best friend (that's me and her in the photo), who somehow manages to keep me sane from several thousand kilometres away, when people in the same house as me are failing at it. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with someone, it would either be her or mum.
  9. Books. I was the kid people wouldn't sponsor per book for the MS Read-A-Thon, because I'd get through 100+ books in however long it lasted. I'm also the person who no one wants to see movies-of-books with, because I come out bitching about how they got it all wrong.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to check her blog out - I like Cerry's comments as well...

still haven't got around to sending you my fave images but I'm going to do it today. Just hope they don't clog up your inbox!

Anonymous said...

Am really glad you're blogging again because that means Small Child is home I imagine? I hope she feels much better. Sending healthy vibes to Canberra!

Amanda said...

Unfortunately not yet...the laptop has just finally made its way to the hospital! Think we'll be here over the weekend...