Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fashion Smashion: The Hospital Edition

I'm a bit behind on my fashion, having spent the last couple of weeks gazing at not a lot other than nurses' uniforms...and I gotta say, I haven't found an awful lot to be excited about out in the celebsphere.

But, from beside a very chatty Sophia's hospital bed, here are some of my loves and loathes of the past fortnight...

Emma Watson (left) hasn't put a foot wrong on the publicity trail for the new Harry Potter film...but I think this is my sweet and feminine and perfectly summery.

Although I'm not a huuuuuge fan of the pieces that Heidi Klum (right) is wearing, she makes my Love List just for looking that hot while pregnant with her FOURTH child.

I want, want, want Jessica Alba's whole ensemble (left)...I can almost feel the sunshine on my skin in the fresh, floral print and T-bar flats. So effortlessly stylish.

And, if I had to pinpoint what it is I dig about Demi Moore's outfit (right), I think I'd have to say the sleekness. It looks perfect for a warm California night...absolutely white hot. The only thing I don't love? Her ankle-strap shoes...I think backless stilettos would have been a much better match.


Eek! Leighton Meester (left) gets points for making a bold choice, but loses them for her selection being absolutely hideous. Or perhaps I'm just getting old?

And Hayden Panettiere (right) makes me sigh with disappointment. She's such a gorgeous young thing, not even 20, and yet she insists on dressing like a woman twice her age. Even though the lace fabric in her frock is absolutely stunning, the sheer panels verge on skanky. I'd love to see her in something fresh and floaty.

And these two? There are no words.

For a second I thought Molly Sims (left) may have been attending a fancy dress party...or a Marilyn Monroe tribute event...but, no. A weird choice for someone who usually gets it right.

And Mel Brown (aka Scary Spice)...seriously, did you come straight from poolside? You could have at least put on some pants. Shudder.


Little Miss Moi said...

Dear amanda. Firstly, I hope you're all home and well very soon. Poor littlest child, and poor you.

I love Emma Watson's dress. Of course, the photo of it that's floating around the most is the one where she's drenched and she's pulling it off her skin, and she exposes her undies. But even in that photo, she looks great. I especially love the neckline on that frock. Of course it helps that she's turned into a beautiful young woman.

And I agree with you about Heidi - anyone who can look that fantastic while pregnant with her fourth kid is just a freak. Lucky her.

I like Hayden P's shoes. Not sure I could pull them off, but the shoes are the best think about her outfit.

And scary spice - ugh.

Jaime said...

I nearly expected this to be a debate/critique on different scrubs colours. SO glad you're at least getting your share of trashy goss magazines.

I'm a huge Heidi lover and agree with you completely - ahh she's a stunner.

May I say Hayden - slutty and too much spray tan. Dial it back dude. About 17 shades.

Lastly do you know who Molly Simms' stylist is? Rachel Zoe. The epitome of vacuous, hopefully this is the beginning of her downfall.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Emma Watsons dress, so vintage glamour, make me think of the show Man about the House (britsh 70s sitcom) the girls in it wore Ozzie Clarke the whole time too...

Re Hayden and Leighton ( sounds like a firm of accountants) I have noticed that the youngins' tend to love ugly/pretty they think it makes them cutting edge...

Kristin said...

How freaking amazing do both Demi and Heidi look???

Iris said...

Oh, hayle no! Why do some celebrities insist on leaving the house minus essential garments, like pants?!

And I do marvel at any pregnant woman who can wear heels and make it look like a breeze! I wore them once at 8 months and for 4 days I felt like the guy in 'Misery' must've felt...

Rowe said...

Amanda, I was half expecting to see photos of hospital wear, gowns, scubs, slippers, caps and nighties.