Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Right and Wrong

Precious little eye candy in the fashion sphere this week...but I did find these examples of celebs getting trends right and very, very wrong.

Exhibit A: Dress Shorts
Kate Walsh (left) looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING in this white short-set. How gorgeous are those legs? Love everything about this.

One the other hand, Ashley Green's leather, high-waisted hot pants, floral blouse and gladiator flats ensemble (right) just doesn't work. The leather is far too heavy for the floaty top and the sandals too casual. Meh.

Exhibit B: Harem-style knickerbockers
I never thought I would like an outfit featuring harem style knickerbockers, but Beyonce (left) has pulled it off. Perfect length and accessories, and I LOVE the thick, waisted belt. Gorgeous.

I also never thought I'd be using Naomi Watts (right) as an example of bad fashion sense...but Oh. Dear. She looks like she popped by the red carpet on the way to get the morning paper. Those pants are seriously unflattering and the hair. Oh Naomi, the hair...did you even look in the mirror before you left the house? I'm putting it down to a bad night with the kids.

What current Spring/Summer trends will you be giving a run come warmer weather? Methinks I'll be giving both of these wide berth (I just don't have the legs!)


Jessi said...

hmm not sure.. i feel like a breastfeeding frump in everything nowadays but usually i would give both of these a try!! beyonce looks hot in anything, does she not? she IS hot!

Gab* said...

Kate Walsh is the pick with her fab legs and white combo!

Danielle said...

Love Kate Walsh. Totally Gorgeous. I happen to like Naomi Watts too, it's something I'd leave the house in, I think it's cute and glam with not too much bling, its something I'd go shopping in though not to a function.

M said...

I go by the maxim that if you wore them the first time 'round you can't wear them the second time 'round.

I wore those tiny shorts in 1979 and the knickerbockers in 1982.

I definitely aint wearing them again. Especially not teamed with shiny glitter stockings and gold shoes, like last time.

Amy Sheaves said...

Is it just me, or is Beyonce looking more whiter these days?

Anonymous said...

'Leather', 'high-waisted' and 'shorts'. Three words I never want to see together again, Bugmum. Hideous!

KerriSackville said...

Maybe if Naomi took her hands out of her pockets the outfit would look better? Just giving her the benefit of the doubt..... she's so purdy.....

Nicky said...

I purchased harem pants on Friday night
I wish I tried them on in the shop