Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quick update

We're still in hospital...blah. But hub took the night shift yesterday and I spent a lovely night with my big girl (I never thought I'd be so happy to have cuddles at 5am) so I'm slightly refreshed and feel I can make it through to the end.

The good news? We hope to go home on Monday.

The not-so-great news? We'll probably be going home on portable oxygen which Sophia will need until her lungs recover. Will be tricky teaching a three year old not to play skipping ropes with the oxygen tubing but, hey, anything that gets us out of here is fine by me!

The bad news? Monday is still three days away and Little Miss is now feeling chirpy enough to be BORRRRRRRRRED and has decided she doesn't really need to nap for longer than half an hour at a time. It's been a long day...need some more tricks for keeping a bed-bound baby entertained. Anyone? Anyone?

The really crappy news? It's Liv's birthday tomorrow and, for the second year in a row, I'll be in hospital for it. I'm really upset that I won't get to be there when she wakes up as a big 3 but we'll try and make it up to her with lots of love (and presents!)


Bethwyn said...

Glad she's getting to come home! And happy birthday to Miss Three!

Lexi @ PottyMouthMama said...

I was thinking of you last night and thinking how you've been in hospital - and how difficult that must be. Bronchiolitis is the pits. Poor babe. Great news she's coming home.

Here's to normal life and health. Sweet, sweet health.

HAppy Birthday too! x

M said...

I wonder will they make a big deal of her birthday in the hospital. Now she's on the mend it could become be the best birthday ever.

Hilary Wardhaugh said...

hey amanda, goodness you've been in the wars...hope everything is getting better!!
take care!!

Tania said...

Ugh. We had a partial finger amputation nightmare with an 18 month old. The finger is back on and she's forgotten about it but I remember EVERYTHING. And that includes the nightmare involved in keeping a kid hooked up to a drip nice and calm and not bouncing around the ward. Our hospital stay was a walk in the park couple of days...may the force be with you.

And am convinced that you will make such a lovely deal of Miss Three's birthday that she'll only remember the good bits. Course you'll carry the guilt for the rest of your days!

Amy Sheaves said...

Oh dear. So sorry to hear that.
Hugs. xxx

Market Girl said...

Bugger, talk about being in the wars. How about a small white board to draw on? Play doh maybe? The old treading of the pasta on the wool trick?

As for the Birthday girl, that is sad but maybe you could tell her her birthday is monday, just this once!! Of course you only have to get every well meaning relative to agree, should be easy??

Good luck

KerriSackville said...

Another option is to get the Starlight team at the hospital OR the nurses to come form a group & sing 'Happy Birthday' round her when she comes in to visit - will make her day.
So glad you're at the end. What a journey. xx

Rowe said...

Oh dear, the oxygen machine, a skipping rope for Olivia, too funny, Amanda. Poor little Sophia, hope she recovers soon, must be so draining for you, the worry, the heartache, the lack of sleep. Not easy times at the moment, but good to see you have a wonderful sense of humour through it all.