Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Smashion: Your turn to play judge & jury

This week, I have selected eight outfits which I reckon could either be hailed as fashion Triumphs or Terrors. Your mission, should you accept it, is to decide which belongs in each category.

Do your worst, people...I'll chime in with my ideas once I've heard your verdicts!

Above left: Sienna Miller Above right: Jennifer Lopez

Above left: Ashley Greene Above right: Eva Mendes

Above left: Whitney Port Above right: Jessica Biel

Above left: Anne Hathaway Above right: Diane Kruger



Jaime said...

Hollywood is not having a good week. The only ones I like are Diane Kruger and Ashley Greene.

The rest... next stylist please!

Jessi said...

i love jessica beale. she is HOTTTTT

Lilli boo said...

Can't resist commenting...have to agree with Jaime, however I don't like the frills on Diane Kruger's dress, she does pull this 'look' off tho and looks overall sensational...I'd also like to add Jennifer Lopez looks great..maybe the her belly button outline isn't a great look (the new nipple?) ..otherwise the other outfits are...well...laughable!

Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

The only one I like is Jessica Biel, and hers is pretty boring! But she still looks fantastic. The rest look either average or awful to me! The girls are all beautiful, just not such a fan of their attire - or is it me who has average taste!?

Anonymous said...

J Lo looks hot!

And I always like Anne Hathaway's style, she's just simply stunning.

Kayla Brooklyn said...

I want Diane Kruger's shoes.

The others are a bit meh. I don't like Jessica Beil's shoes, but from the ankles up I like it.

Nicky said...

Sienna - What is she thinking, seriously! I do like her hair though.
J-Lo - Not as bad as some of her other outfits, I think this one JUSTTTT passes.
Ashley Greene - Wrong Shoes, and dress is not appropriate.
Eva - Very Eh, I hate the neckline. LOVE the shoes.
Whitney - Those shoes are hot. I think this is a pretty cool casual outfit.
Jessica - I love it. I really do. I wish she would eat something though.
Anne - Yuck Yuck Yuck, Eww Yuck.
Diane - Hot. Wouldn't want her to bend over.


Amy Sheaves said...

Sienna Miller
Diane Kruger

Ashley Green
Eva Mendes
Whitney Port
Jessica Biel
Anne Hathaway

Sylvia C. said...

What a great game! I love it!

I love a snug fit, and J lo is rockn' that dress....

Eva Looks super cute in that dress... but is it TOO cute?

Baby's crying.. can't think straight... gotta jet!

Anonymous said...

p.s also have a soft spot for Eva Mendes too! She's hawt hawt hawt.

cristy said...

I like Eva and Jessica.

I'm not so fond of the rest.

Amanda said...

Me? I like Jessica Biel from the ankles up. Love Diane Kruger. JLo's looking hot but her belly button freaks me out - she tries too hard.

The rest? Meh.