Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Run, don't walk...

Is it sad when you start buying the same piece of clothing in different colours? Or just a sign that it's hard work finding clothes to suit a post-baby body?

Before I had my two beautiful girls, my body problem areas were my bum and they're competing with my muffin top for the title. BB (Before Babies) the solution was simple - a fitted top with wider legged pants; now, a mumu is really the only guarantee of covering all the lumpy bits.

But, all praise to Country Road, I have found the perfect shirt to disguise at least some of the souvenirs of pregnancy. A few weeks ago, I bought their "pocket shirt" in black and have been living in it ever since. It's light weight cotton, doesn't really need ironing if you hang it up straight off the line, and can be worn either long-sleeved or at the elbow. It's wonderfully structured, so it skims your curves and just looks smart.

So, imagine how excited I was to find that they were reduced to $59.95 (from $99.00) in the Country Road sale...and that I was eligible for a further 20% off as a CR cardholder. I was so happy that I bought one in pink and one in white for the grand total of $95.92 - less than what I paid for my black one!

So ladies, if you're after the perfect post-baby shirt, get thyself to Country Road before they all won't regret it!

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