Saturday, March 7, 2009

One decorating idea you should avoid at all costs

In my quest to become a modern domestic goddess, I have become quite the surfer of "living", the wave took me to the electronic home of real living magazine.

I actually really like the publication - it's a good read, always has yummy recipes and, most of the time, has very tasteful and creative home decorating ideas. But something went terribly wrong back in May, when they published this humdinger:

Make a "dressy" shirt tablecloth

Found! A new use for your partner’s worn or outgrown business shirts: turn them into a funky tablecloth. It’ll certainly get the conversation flowing and is a quirky touch to a rather dressy function.

Step 1 Button the shirt up and cut away the sleeves and the back, leaving the collar and a seam allowance of 1cm to sew on excess fabric.

Step 2 Grab an old sheet or plain tablecloth that matches the shirt and cut in half.

Step 3 Lay the shirt front in-between the two halves of the tablecloth and sew both edges, creating one tablecloth with the shirt in the middle.

Step 4 Hem the entire tablecloth with a 1cm hem.

Thanks, real living, but I think I'll just give Drew's old shirts to Vinnies...

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ninaribena said...

Ha ha ha... hmmm wasted effort with that one. One of my favourite Real Living DIY's involves glueing a cow hide to a wooden chair - and picturing an immaculate UPHOLSTERED Eames chair as the 'finished product' now that made me MAAAAD, I hope no-one tried that at home! sheesh trainwreck waiting to happen! xxx