Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring. A poem by Robert McCracken

Today is the day when bold kites fly,
When cumulus clouds roar across the sky.
When robins return, when children cheer,
When light rain beckons spring to appear.

Today is the day when daffodils bloom,
Which children pick to fill the room,
Today is the day when grasses green,
When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen.

It's been a loooooong winter but Spring is FINALLY here. My favourite season...the mere mention of September is enough to put some bounce in my step. I love the sunshine, the blue skies, the blooming bulbs...ah, sweet Spring.

What does Spring mean to you?


numberchic said...

spring makes me think of bbqs with friends, longer days, my birthday and wedding anniversary are both in spring, the days get warmer and hopefully we'll stop being sick.

and then I think.

hayfever. shave my legs. oh god - shorts, they don't fit. do the kids have summer clothes or do I need to shuffle their wardrobes again.

and then I think.

OMG I have to start getting organised for Christmas!

I'm such a little whirlpool of negativity at times.

Rowe said...

Hi Amanda, as I've not visited you for a while, I hope your girls are both well, and you and hubby of course. Spring to me is exactly what the photo you have posted here says, blue skies, the air filled with the aroma of blooming flowers everywhere, warmth and sunshine.

Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

You know, I never really noticed the transition from season-to-season until I had a baby! I never noticed the arrival of the scent of blossoms in the air. And I never appreciated autumn and spring as much as I have since moving to Melbourne!

Today I actually saw and smelt daffodils on my walk - how appropriate for the first day of spring!

Barb Fisher said...

Ahhh Spring! I have been hanging out for it this year.

The blossoms are out, the bee's are buzzing, the warmth of the sun on your skin as you push your two year old ENDLESSLY on the swing in the park.

And the WHHOOOOSH of the magpie's wings as he tries to take your eye out.

Love it.

Pete said...

Great post (and lovely poem). I just commented on your post over at my blog. Happy Spring to you and your family!

Katadia said...

Spring hopefully brings a much needed reduction in the frequency of snots! Aaaargh. My two kids have had coughs and cold all winter, and I swear this winter was much worst than last year and the year before.

For my 3 y.o, spring means ferris wheel in Commonwealth Park, and the candle festival near the lake. As for me, it's time to get my ugly toes out of my boots and start doing something about them.... Nooooo :)

sandy,phd said...

Spring means it's time for camping and hiking!

Sparkly Tiara said...

I've been noticing it as well. To me I get a little bit giddy and silly (not that that is particularly abnormal for me) but even more so - I get the urge to plant and dig and grow and harvest and EAT my own fruit and veggies.

The seeds are ready, time to get started!

Fashion said...

Wonderful post! Happy Spring to you and your family!  I am loving it!!!